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Corona Books UK is a fledgling publishing company based here in the UK. We aim to publish the brilliant, the innovative and the quirky and can move with a speed and alacrity which bigger beasts in the publishing world simply wouldn't dream of. We are the publishers of The Great British Limerick Book - Filthy limericks for (nearly) every town in the UK by Lewis Williams (as recently featured in the Daily Star see here) and of the other great books listed below.

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The Great British Limerick Book

Filthy limericks for (nearly) every town in the UK

by Lewis Williams

320 pages  ISBN 978-0-9932472-0-0

It's home of this limerick for Guildford, Surrey

At McDonald's in Guildford in Surrey

I spilt coffee on my crotch in a scurry

I had to act quick

To cool down my dick

So I stuck it into my McFlurry

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... and 918 others!

The Scottish Limerick Book

Filthy limericks for every town in the Scotland

by Lewis Williams

It's home of this limerick for Grangemouth

... and 250 others!

In Grangemouth there’s an oil refinery

A port, a canal and a winery

And to thrill you to bits

All the girls have 10 tits

That is if you count them in binary

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166 pages  ISBN 978-0-9932472-1-7

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We have a number of exciting new titles (that we're rather proud of) up our collective sleeve for 2017. As soon as we're ready to announce any titles/authors or unveil any cover art for forthcoming titles, we'll do so here. Please check back for details or sign up for our FREE email newsletter here - we promise we won't bombard you with emails and you can unsubscribe at any time.    

The Oxbridge Limerick Book

Filthy limericks for every college in Oxford and Cambridge

by Lewis Williams

156 pages  ISBN 978-0-9932472-4-8

The third and final volume in Lewis Williams's not-for-the-easily-offended filthy limerick trilogy.


Presenting the very finest in vulgar humour, The Oxbridge Limerick Book revives the ancient and noble art of the filthy limerick, injects it with a large dose of twenty-first century humour and applies it to the venerable institutions of Oxford and Cambridge, giving every college in the two universities a filthy limerick to call its own. The results will cause hilarity and provoke outrage, with what is quite possibly the best and most original little book of filthy limericks to be published since 1928.

Lewis Williams went to Darwin College, Cambridge (for one evening, that is, in 2015 for a dinner he was invited to). On the other hand, he did genuinely work at Oxford University for a number of years.  His ignominious departure from its employ had nothing whatsoever to do with his writing rude limericks concerning the place or its employees. He is the author of The Great British Limerick Book and The Scottish Limerick Book. He hasn’t devoted the whole of his recent past to the art of writing filthy limericks, either. He is also up to over level 400 on Candy Crush.

About the author

Child of Winter

Ten dark and twisted tales

by T. R. Hitchman

154 pages ISBN 978-0-9932472-3-1

About the author

T.R. Hitchman’s first crush was on Christopher Lee. She grew up in love with the eerie stories of Edgar Allen Poe and, as a child of the eighties, was profoundly affected by being allowed to stay up late to watch Hammer House of Horror on TV. She has written for The Gothic Society and her acclaimed novella, The Homecoming, was published electronically in 2014. It is included here in revised form, along with nine other equally brilliant dark and twisted tales in her debut story collection, Child of Winter.

A brilliant collection of ten dark and twisted tales by T.R. Hitchman, master of modern macabre.


An old woman harbours a painful secret and meets a troubled man with a dark secret of his own; a narcissistic journalist learns that the camera can tell the truth in more ways than one; and a man makes the worst mistake he ever made in his life in discovering that sometimes you shouldn’t talk to strangers ... Ten stories of love, loss and disappointment with a dark twist that are the product of the imagination of writer, T.R. Hitchman, the new master of modern macabre.


Surely it can’t be done. But it has been done. For the first time in the history of mankind someone has been dedicated enough and fool enough to write a filthy limerick for every town in the UK which, unlike Leeds or Devizes, doesn’t already have a classic filthy limerick to call its own.

From the author of The Great British Limerick Book, comes a second limerick book with more of the very finest in vulgar humour and a limerick for every town in Scotland, granting, in fact, every town, city or village in the country with a population of 3,000 people or more a filthy limerick to call its own.

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The Oxbridge Limerick Book is coming to Twitter soon

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